Home (The Revolution)

The revolution is here. The revolution will not be televised. Stand tall,  and be strong for the movement. This is a place of learning. Whether or not it’s information from here giving you insight, or information delivered by you, I greatly appreciate these moments we will share together. The form of contact is irrelevant. Some of us believe that contact in its truest form can only be achieved through physical means.

It is no wonder that today we are a nation of people {black or white, the nation of humanity} crying out for change. Lost in the inequities of sin, the temptations of skin pressed firmly against skin. Is it sin?, or the mere act of the human touch? Better yet is it the sin of not knowing. Being uneducated, unaware of the plagues that so easily turn a sometimes seemingly innocent act into a raging disaster. The plagues of HIV, and so many other diseases eating away at humanity. From one late night encounter to the many grave sites in Malawi, Rwanda, Botswana and so many other nations over flowing.

These dark invaders leave nothing but their wrath behind: Orphan children, the loss of a mother, father, sister, brother, an even  friends. When the providers of a home who were struggling while alive are dead and gone, what’s left for their families? With no money, and no food so many are suffering. I personally know what it’s like to be hungry, to sleep on a hard and cold floor, and yet I cannot compare my endurance to that of the many children, or the many persons I have seen suffer. To eat at our own free will when so many know not when their next meal is to come it seems unfair.

I think it’s time that those of US who can, not just America but worldwide we stand in unison  fighting. Fighting for the right of humanity to live. No we can’t save them all, only God can…..still if it’s but one we save it is for the better. I do sincerely believe that God would be pleased. Pleased as we strive together for the betterment of OUR world, serving him by serving Humanity. After all, God helps those who helps themselves……..

“Image by Poster designed by Adriana Stuijt shows all the thousands of secret names which AIDS/HIV are referred to in southern Africa when people speak to each other about the disease without actually wanting to speak the word itself” Source:


Continue on for SmartKnowlege in the preceeding entries of my Home (blog) where knowledge is power and there is none greater than God. Be the Change for we are the world.

D’andrea Lewis


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