Facing Toubab

Let’s take a journey across the vast open seas, the graves of mass deception where many of my Kinsman lay.

We move freely as the wind ushers us in her direction. At least so it appeared until we transcend the deep to find the skeletal remains remaining.

To face the truth and lies Toubab brought and brings. To face our past and present sins.

Ever present is the belief that (WE) are “Free At Last…” as Martin Luther King Jr once said in times past.

No more chains except on our doors. No more whips except what we intend to drive. No more fields except those in which we work.

Free we are,  still at work for Toubab. To have our own and still not share. To have our own but only part of a share.

Our names engraved on doors and still we are free , but how can it be in this land from whence we come not.

Many say “I was born here”, not in the land, but being born here you became a part of the plan.

Free you are and still you remain. Yet you respond “I remain because I have the choice”. As such whence cometh gain.

If truly free then why not go? Remain here and still you’re the love below. Here there cries like cymbals rung

our ancestors blood from the ground chants freedom songs.

Same universities, social classes, same titles. “Yet still” I say, who is the boss when the titles fade away?

Only Toubab remains because we are free, but not in our own land this place of iniquity.

We are free, but not in the mind henceforth lacking the will to understand.

Mental Imprisonment is truly the worse of its kind. Break the cycle, break the design.

Remember your ROOTS “Kamby Bolongo” endured; across it you were born free

freedom is YOURS!

BY: D’andrea Lewis


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