If you’re wondering who I am, well it’s quite simply really. My name is D’andrea Lewis, I am a hard working individual who believes in peace for humanity, and less suffering for mankind. A humanitarian at heart, a servant of God and a friend to man. I see life as a series of test, puzzles waiting to be deciphered. The inner workings of the environment and that matter that composes it intrigue. The existence of being, and becoming. To transcend one point and enter a new realm. The goal I seek is to serve God and humanity. My quest it to be, and to become better. Better in existence, rather than remain in a lonely position of neutrality. A home is not built on it’s own, neither does it stand with out a solid foundation. I hope that as you get to know me, whether it’s through my written work or direct contact , you learn. Learn to see past the errors of my frail human ways, and work just as I am to empower humanity. Love God, Live life and work in unison.

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