Facing Toubab

Let’s take a journey across the vast open seas, the graves of mass deception where many of my Kinsman lay.

We move freely as the wind ushers us in her direction. At least so it appeared until we transcend the deep to find the skeletal remains remaining.

To face the truth and lies Toubab brought and brings. To face our past and present sins.

Ever present is the belief that (WE) are “Free At Last…” as Martin Luther King Jr once said in times past.

No more chains except on our doors. No more whips except what we intend to drive. No more fields except those in which we work.

Free we are,  still at work for Toubab. To have our own and still not share. To have our own but only part of a share.

Our names engraved on doors and still we are free , but how can it be in this land from whence we come not.

Many say “I was born here”, not in the land, but being born here you became a part of the plan.

Free you are and still you remain. Yet you respond “I remain because I have the choice”. As such whence cometh gain.

If truly free then why not go? Remain here and still you’re the love below. Here there cries like cymbals rung

our ancestors blood from the ground chants freedom songs.

Same universities, social classes, same titles. “Yet still” I say, who is the boss when the titles fade away?

Only Toubab remains because we are free, but not in our own land this place of iniquity.

We are free, but not in the mind henceforth lacking the will to understand.

Mental Imprisonment is truly the worse of its kind. Break the cycle, break the design.

Remember your ROOTS “Kamby Bolongo” endured; across it you were born free

freedom is YOURS!

BY: D’andrea Lewis


The Lesson Of A Breakup

     Some people enjoy what they call “living the single life”, while others are in pure denial because they truthfully feel alone. What about the other group? What about that bunch that enjoys the bliss of being in a relationship? That bunch that finds happiness in going to the cinema, amusement parks, sitting on benches in the summer watching sunsets, romantic walks at night on the beach and so much more.


     Does that mean that single people don’t have any fun? Nay, of course they do. However there is a difference when such moments are shared with someone that you care for romantically versus running the gauntlet of life wild with friends. A result that for the single individual marks feelings of loneliness after the fun is had, and friends go there separate ways.

     So what happens when the oh so famous couples of the world split, break up, or as some see it fall apart. Yes the same couples who flaunt there impressions of love on everyone leaving them no choice, but to watch the channel. If only there was a universal remote to tune in to something more desirable, or better yet turn the program off. Truthfully that’s what it has become these days. Love that is, just another program in the lives of individuals so conditioned they miss out on the honor of a true human experience.

     Love exists for the single individual as much as it does for the couple. What sets them apart is how one interacts with the impressions it leaves behind. True love comes from God, and being that he never changes, does love really? So instead of judging (singles) those trying to enjoy their (couples) version of love learn from it, and vice versa couples.

     It is amazing that when most couples split oft times, only one of the individuals seems to do most of the mourning. On occasion it’s both whereby others will say “they loved each other”. “It’s so sad that it didn’t work out, they are both good people”. Therein lies the evidence of how we view love many a times. When two mourn it is seen as genuine, but when one does there isn’t much weight given to the experience. Pitty that such err in ways should occur.

     When one loves genuinely it does not require the receiver to love back. Love is giving without expectations. It teaches, and causes it’s subjects to grow. Thus two individual being great people does not guarantee them being great together.

The significance of loving alone affords one the opportunity to appreciate another when such a love comes. They do this by first learning to love themselves. Thus loving together (in a relationship) builds and experience that can’t be had alone. Losing such a gift is not the end of the world however.

     It is only the beginning to a new adventure. A journey that has never taken place anywhere before in time. Each persons travels is unique within its own right. So instead of looking at what seems to be a loss, realize the gift that was given freely. You have been taught and did not see. Your eyes were closed and now they see. The mind was asleep and now you have awoken. The dream state has gone leaving only the conscious individual. Such moments as you begin to cherish them can leave you breathless, yet fulfilled. You are not alone, and you have not lost.

     The gain now recognized is that the next best thing could be just that, God’ best fit for you. The past experiences has in its expiration left doors opened that a more positive and accomplished life can usher in anew.. It could be the also be the opposite of course, but all in all you will have had what most people miss out on, the opportunity to love. Live, Love, Learn, Teach, and grow for each day you have been given is love. Praise God for his mercy and grace and don’t give up. for the journey has just begun.

 By: D’andrea Lewis

Frequent Attacks from the Animal Kingdom

Have you been to camp lately? Do you live near the woods?, or do you like sailing? The ever present turmoil’s of a modern life fills many with hopelessness, and dread requiring much need rest. Many venture out to seek it. Some of us just turn on the television and sit in a dark room damaging our eyes and intellect striving not to be alone or bored. It is an adventure taking a day off to enjoy the visual aspect, and calm that nature brings to one’s mind. What happens then when nature in an instant sends us running, but this time not for the hills? What Happens when nature itself strikes back?  In recent news we have seen reports of Black Bears attacking campers and even a Whale attacking  a yacht off Cape Town.

black-bear Mother black bears are notoriously protective of their cubs, who stay with their mothers for about two years.

Photograph by Norbert Rosing

Whale AttackThe picture apparently showing the moment before the whale hit the boat

This Image belongs to BBC NEWS

According to National Geographic ursus americanus or black bears “live in forests and are excellent tree climbers, but are also found in mountains and swamps. Despite their name, black bears can be blue-gray or blue-black, brown, cinnamon, or even (very rarely) white. Black bears are very opportunistic eaters. Most of their diet consists of grasses, roots, berries, and insects. They will also eat fish and mammals—including carrion—and easily develop a taste for human foods and garbage. Bears who become habituated to human food at campsites, cabins, or rural homes can become dangerous and are often killed—thus the frequent reminder: Please don’t feed the bears!”  Even though the are black I guess they wont discriminate when it comes to food.

BBC reports state “A couple on a whale-watching trip off Cape Town, South Africa, say they had a lucky escape when a 10m (33ft) specimen leapt on to their yacht. The southern right whale, a species known for poor eyesight, snapped the mast before sliding back into the water, said Paloma Werner. She and her partner had just seconds to take cover, she said. A nearby tourist caught the moment on camera. “I still like whales,” Ms Werner told the BBC afterwards.The southern right whale navigates by sound, leading Ms Werner to suspect it was an accident.”Our boat’s engine was off and so the whale just didn’t know we were there,” she said.”We were just the wrong boat, in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

A very well put statement from Ms. Werner. I would have probably yelled “I read Moby Dick and am not captain Ahab. In all seriousness though a thirty three foot whale leaping at you is no laughing matter. In events like this one the real thing to do is pray.

From these reoccurring events, it seems as if the animal kingdom is attacking humanity. Are they really considering that they are in their natural habitats, their homes? If man can barely coexist with one another, how then can we expect man to meliorate that relationship with nature? Yes you might say that we need to go out to relax, find food and to care for nature itself. You may even be aware that the scriptures in Matthew 24:16-17 state “Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains: Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take any thing out of his house:”  All this is very true, but what gives man the right to mistreat what the creator himself has made so beautiful for man and animals to enjoy?

Far too often we see occasions of animals abused from the smallest puppy beaten, to an elephant killed for its ivory tusks. These repeated acts of aggression from humans towards nature, and its inhabitants is costing us all dearly. Selfishly mankind seeks comfort more than survival and destroys the natural resources of this earth. Now that our supposed stock pile of resources is being depleted, we intend to encroach on nature to support our habitual trends of want. Greed and not necessity is fueling this growing dilemma of man vs. wild. Who will win?

Troubled times will come and is in fact here, but according to the Bible, there is a time and place for everything.  You must search the scriptures for the answers. Stay informed so that you’re not in the woods by yourself, ahead of the pack. We have been given instruction on the appointed time to move. Yes experiences whilst in nature  can be inspiring and bring calm to one’s life, but be considerate. “And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin: And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these” Matt 6:28-29. There are two roads, one that leads to destruction and one that leads to salvation in Christ Jesus. Which one do you choose?